Dear Evercaders,

So, we are nearly at the end of an “interesting” year. 2020 has certainly been a roller coaster ride for everyone at Blaze Entertainment and probably most of you reading this. We had ups and downs along the way, but despite the challenges, we got Evercade into gamers’ hands around the world.

We had a few big aims at the beginning of 2020. First and foremost, we wanted to make something that we would all enjoy owning. We wanted to get some great games on the system and make sure we released more after launch. Finally, we wanted to unite a community of people around the project who wanted to be along for the ride. I believe we released a product that people have fun with, that includes some amazing games and we have built one of the best communities in video gaming.

I’m proud of what we have managed to achieve in 2020 and we aim to do even better next year. It’s an exciting time at Blaze, we have a growing team, some amazing new products soon to be announced and some excellent cartridges on the way.

There are so many people I would like to thank for their help and support in 2020. Those YouTubers, big and small, that took time to make hundreds of videos (you know who you are), those social media folk and journalists who tirelessly helped us make people aware of the Evercade (you also know who you are), a group of people that have pitched in to help us test new games and the team here at Blaze that worked so hard to deliver a product that so many people enjoy. We couldn’t have done it without you.

So as we finish the year, I wish our friends, customers, and colleagues best wishes and we look forward to an amazing 2021.

It’s not Game Over….. It’s just beginning.

Andrew Byatt

Managing Director

Blaze Entertainment

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