Dear Customers,

Today we have to make an unfortunate announcement on the Evercade release date. As many of you know, the Evercade is produced in China along with most of the world’s consumer electronics. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, our partner factory in the city of Shenzhen remained closed after Chinese New Year until this week. The factory has not opened at full capacity at this time so production will be a little slower than would have been expected. We have had ongoing, (almost daily) discussions with the factory throughout this period and it is now clear that we will have to postpone the launch of the Evercade. 

We have now confirmed that the 22nd of May will be the new release date. 

This is very disappointing for us and our excited customers who have waited patiently for the product. We can assure you all that this is not a delay related to the product, parts or software. It is simply the assembly, quality assurance process and shipping timeframes to deliver the product.

We have seen Nintendo, Apple and many others all announcing delays to their production and taking precautions to safeguard their employees. We hope that people can appreciate that this delay is very much out of our control and that our thoughts are with those affected.

We have informed retailers and partners so all retail store release dates should be in the process of being updated.

We continue to work on delivering more cartridges from new publishers and have some announcements on this very soon!

We can only apologise and thank people for their patience and understanding.