Atari Lynx Collection 2 Cartridge

Releasing November 2020

The ‘Atari Lynx Collection 2’ cartridge for Evercade includes 8 classic games including: California Games, Chips Challenge, Checkered Flag, Todd’s Adventures in Slimeworld, Electro Cop, Gates of Zendocon, Zarlor Mercenary and Blue Lightning!

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California Games

Chips Challenge

Blue Lightning

Gates of Zendocon


Todd’s Adventure in Slimeland

Zarlor Mercenary

Checkered Flag

Full Games List

  1. California Games
  2. Todd’s Adventures in Slimeworld
  3. Electro Cop
  4. Gates of Zendocon
  5. Zarlor Mercenary
  6. Blue Lightning
  7. Chips Challenge
  8. Checkered Flag

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