Optional day one update

An optional firmware update will be released at day one, which will remap the buttons, based on initial feedback.

How did you arrive at this existing button layout?

We would like to take this opportunity to explain our process and how we arrived at the existing button layout, for those who are interested.

We began this process by asking our community what button layout they prefered and 68% of people wanted this to match modern games consoles layout (see image below).

We implemented this with mapping in original locations, as they appeared in the original games.

As a result, this now meant that A=B and B=A etc (because we are using a modern layout, on top of the original games).

When playing games we found that an ‘A’ prompt would actually require a ‘B’ button press. This became confusing, especially for some players who may be relying on these on screen prompts for games they are less familiar with.

We have decided to offer a firmware update, which modifies the button configuration to match the original locations.

For clarity, the firmware update will change the affected 8bit and 16bit original platforms in the following way:

Evercade Existing Button FW 1.00 Evercade FW 1.01 Update

This is an optional update and will offer no other changes/updates to the firmware.

We will supply original firmware at the same time so anyone who wants to switch back is able to.

Future updates?

Regarding future firmware updates. Originally, we had not planned on releasing any kind of updates. However, we did plan ahead (should situations like this arise) and do have the ability to issue updates, as and when required.

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