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Intellivision is coming to Evercade!
11th February 2021

We are delighted to announce the first of two Intellivision Collection cartridges for the Evercade. Arriving Fall 2021, we will be…

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A Thank You Message from Evercade
30th December 2020

Dear Evercaders, So, we are nearly at the end of an “interesting” year. 2020 has certainly been a roller coaster ride…

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Announcing Cartridges 15 & 16
10th September 2020

The next cartridge in our library – a brand new Atari® Lynx cartridge with 8 games including: California Games, Chips Challenge, Checkered Flag, Todd’s Adventures in Slimeworld, Electro Cop, Gates of Zendocon, Zarlor Mercenary and Blue Lightning!

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Pre-Order #13 and #14 Now
29th July 2020

Cartridges #13 (‘Atari Lynx Collection 1’) and #14 (‘Atari Lynx Collection 2’) are now officially available for pre-order.

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Atari Lynx 1 and 2 Evercade Cartridges – Pre-Order Date Confirmed
24th July 2020

Pre-orders for 2 new Evercade cartridges will open from midnight (local time) on the 30th July 2020. They will be available…

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Pre-Order #11 and #12 Now
30th June 2020

Cartridges #11 (‘Tanglewood/Xeno Crisis Dual Game Cartridge’) and #12 (‘The Oliver Twins Collection’) are now officially available for pre-order!

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Evercade Announce ‘The Oliver Twins Collection’ cartridge, Featuring 11 Games including 7 Dizzy Games – with all profits going to charity
10th June 2020

The cartridge is a special edition project between Codemasters, The Oliver Twins and Evercade, with all profits going to the National VideoGame Museum charity.

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Latest Stock Update
26th May 2020

We are still operating in a very volatile environment, in the midst of a global pandemic and dates may still change.

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HDMI/Game Capture Fix
15th May 2020

We have done extensive testing and have been unable to recreate the issues on most TV’s and with the majority of games, no issues happen with any TV.

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Competition to win an Evercade + ALL 10 Cartridges
9th May 2020

Here’s your chance to win an Evercade and all 10 cartridges! There’s many ways to enter and the competition is open worldwide!

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