We are thrilled to announce our next cartridge – Indie Heroes Collection 1, featuring 14 games from independent developers from around the world.

We searched the world for indie developers making new games for old systems, selecting 14 high-quality titles. In this blog, we wanted to shed some spotlight on the 10 developers we have partnered up with for this cartridge collection, and give the Evercade community an insight into creating this collection.

Lowtek Games – Flea

Flea puts a slight spin on the traditional platformer. Having taken inspiration from infinite runner games, you jump as soon as you hit the ground. You must navigate your way through a series of structures, bouncing all the while. It’s tricky yet addictive. Even when you lose you are not distracted for long as you respawn right where you left off. It feels uninterrupted and becomes and its difficulty only makes completing each level more rewarding. The developer, Alistair Low, from Lowtek Games, admitted that he doesn’t come from a background in coding which makes it all the more impressive that he was able to implement the jumping mechanic. We absolutely love Flea and think you will too.

Nate Peters – Doodle World

The game development team behind this charming platformer is something to be impressed by. Nate Peters and his 4-year-old daughter launched this game after a successful Kickstarter. Specifically, she is responsible for all the art and is credited as the designer for the game, and Nate is the developer. Nate’s most prominent gaming memories are with his Atari 2600 and its clear that he wanted to create something that triggers that nostalgia while introducing his daughter to the world of retro and classic games.

Bite The Chilli Productions – Anguna & Super Homebrew War

Coming from a background in programming, the developer at Bite The Chilli took inspiration from many sources for Anguna and Super Homebrew War. We must say that these games showcase a diverse ability to create a variety of styles. Anguna is a large-scale action/adventure game that is polished and expansive. Super Homebrew War triumphs by showcasing different characters from various popular homebrew games, one of which is also on the cartridge – Twin Dragons.

PSCD Games – Foxyland, Alien Cat 2, and Debtor

The PSCD Games team is a joint Russian/Ukrainian team responsible for porting these incredible titles to classic systems, and we must say that they have chosen some stellar titles. Foxyland features a colourful graphic style that is visually stunning and a challenging experience with plenty of different enemy types. Debtor is a true platformer at heart that is centered around a debt collector who must collect all coins to progress to the next room. Each level ramps up the difficulty while becoming a tricky pleasure to solve. Finally, with Alien Cat 2, we have a clever mirrored character mechanic. You have to consider every movement you make. Each level presents an added level of difficulty that makes the payoff even greater when you triumph.

Nape Games – PLOID & USCHUEN

Nape Games are a small indie studio from Barcelona and developed both PLOID and USCHUEN. Having been inspired by classics such as MegaMan and NES Turtles, the team at Nape Games wanted to create games that are challenging but fun and keep you coming back for more. We asked them what they were most proud of about their games and they said the story and art style. Additionally, they also mentioned that the most challenging part of the development was programming the feeling of moving in space. Nape Games said their earliest gaming memory was Atari and other 8-bit consoles, we feel that these titles perfectly capture that era of gaming.

1985 Alternativo – Chain Break

Another Spanish made game, Chain Break fuses together the infinite runner with traditional platformer elements in a modern and challenging way. The lead developer Manu stated that the most difficult part of the development process was creating clear and distinguishable surface types for a monochrome 8-bit system. The resulting game is one with a great level of pace and playability.

SJ Games – Kubo

The future is certainly bright for 8-year-old French-Japanese game developer, Seiji, who has been making homebrew games since 2018. Of course, Seiji’s father is at hand for any technical help as required. However, we are still blown away by the level of detail and scale in Kubo, proving that you are never too young or old to pick up new skills. What is also striking about Kubo is the influence of nature within the game and how much thought was given to this.

IZMA – Deadeus

Deadeus is a horror titled developed by UK-based indie game developer IZMA. Having produced titles for modern and retro systems. Perhaps the boldest game on the cartridge from a story perspective, Deadeus features various endings, 30 NPCs and a storyline that isn’t afraid to reference controversial topics. We feel that this game adds another level of variety and depth to the overall collection.

John Roo – Quest Arrest

Quest Arrest was the product of many years of game development across multiple projects for John Roo. Having started a number of uncompleted demo’s, Quest Arrest marks John Roo’s first fully completed game and his proudest achievement to date. Speaking to the Evercade team, John stated that having ideas and dreams is easy, it is executing those ideas in a way that works is where the challenge is. Having been inspired by point and click adventure games, Quest Arrest takes those influences and presents them with a gameplay style that would appease modern gamers.

Broke Studio – Twin Dragons

One of the best-known titles on the cartridge, Twin Dragons was developed by Broke Studios after a critically-acclaimed demo level and financially successful Kickstarter campaign. This game is an achievement from an artistic and gameplay perspective and proves that these classic 8 & 16 bit systems still have plenty of life left in them. Programmer Antoine Gohnin, Graphic Designer Martin Le Borgne, and Composer Matt Halberstadt are responsible for bringing this incredible game to life.

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