We are still operating in a very volatile environment, in the midst of a global pandemic and dates may still change.

If anything does change, we will make an announcement.

North American Stock Has Arrived

21st May update: The boat has already arrived in the USA and stock has already been distributed to retailers. Canadian retailer VGP has already shipped stock (nice work guys!) and others are following as and when they can.

Some dates are changing (particularly Amazon.com). We cannot do anything about this. They will just update as and when they have updates. You can contact your local retailer for updates.

UK/EU Stock (including Funstock.co.uk)

The other boat arrived in the UK on Saturday (23rd May).

From there, stock will travel to our UK distribution centre, who will book the stock, start of the week commencing 25th May and then ship it out to UK and EU retailers.

For UK retailers (including Funstock), stock should be arriving in to their warehouses by the end of the week commencing 25th May.

For EU retailers, stock will be arriving in to their warehouses the following week (week commencing 1st June).

We expect all UK and EU retailers (as stock arrives to them) to begin shipping the week commencing 1st June and all retailers to have finished shipping by the start of the following week (week commencing 8th June).

You should have received your order shipped confirmation no later than the end of the week commencing 8th June.

This means all stock should have shipped within our release window (from our last stock announcement on the 23rd April – here).


USA/Canada stock is shipping now/this week (although some retailers will have different dates – speak to your local retailers for updates).

UK/EU stock will be shipping week commencing 1st June.

All orders (Worldwide) should have shipped no later than week commencing 8th June.

Please speak to your local retailers for updates.

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