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Digital Foundry

“In side by side comparisons, I found the Emulation Quality is extremely high.”

“ Insert a cart and it loads up super quick with a slick menu design that is easy to navigate.”

“Again, it sounds very accurate to the original game running on real hardware.”

– John Linneman – Digital Foundry

Nintendo Life

“A throwback to the good old days of the Game Boy”

“ The face buttons have a nice amount of travel and are very responsive, while the D-Pad is fantastic – it’s clearly been modelled after the Sega Saturn’s lush rolling pad, and is a joy to use.”

“For those of you who grew up in the ’90s and fondly recall the thrill of investing in chunky plastic cartridges for your Game Boy or Game Gear, the Evercade scratches an itch we didn’t know needed scratching.”

– Damien McFerran – Nintendo Life


“With such a vast library of games available to plunder, there are enough hidden gems and rarities to keep something like the Evercade going for a long time.”

“ …it’s well-built and looks the part.”

” For retro fans it’s a direct connection to the good old days: Popping open a new game, holding something physical that you can display.”

– James Trew – Engadget

“Do I love Evercade? Yes…”

“….the screen is excellent and, above all, the emulation convinces practically all along the line”

“as a cute out-of-the-box system at a good price with a lot of collecting charm for the carts, the Evercade is a real winner.”

– Martin Woger, editor-in-chief, (translated)

Lad Bible

“This is a quality piece of kit that both surprises with how accomplished it looks and, more importantly, feels in hand.”

“The Evercade has a bright, crisp and sharp 480×272 screen that’s much closer to a Vita’s level of colour and zest than, say, the more muted nature of a DS display.”

“If you have a place in your heart still for the games of your (’80s and ’90s) childhood – or you’re curious about gaming’s heritage, its arcade classics and inspirational releases, and want a neat new platform to try them out on at your play-anywhere convenience – the Evercade is warmly recommended.”

– Mike Diver, Lad Bible

“The first impression when you take in hand the Evercade is very good: the hardened plastic shell seems solid and does not crack under the fingers, while the ergonomics of the whole proves very convincing.”

“… offering a format consistent with its philosophy, good handling and convincing manufacturing quality.”

The result is a beautiful object and a series of cartridges that can proudly take pride of place on your shelf.

– By jiikaa , Journalist (translated)

MS Power User

“At just £59.99 for the Evercade Starter Pack, which comes with one cartridge, or £79.99 for the Evercade Premium Pack, which comes with three pack-in cartridges, Blaze Entertainment’s earns an instant recommendation from us”

“Every game is beautifully presented on the hardware’s 4.3-inch LCD screen. ”

“Everything is beautifully presented and well constructed: quality oozes from its delightfully playful packaging to its sturdy and sleek fabrication and all the way to its very pleasing buttons.”

– Lewis White, MS Power User

Retro Dodo

“Like any handheld it all comes down to the gameplay. The Evercade plays games incredibly well, with zero, and we mean zero problems, frame rate drops or screen tearing is non existent.”

“Every cartridge, and every game has run flawlessly on the Evercade. ”

“We didn’t know how much we missed opening a box, reading the manual and preparing ourselves to take on the end boss of a game until we started reviewing the Evercade.”

– Brandon Saltalamacchia, Retro Dodo


“The Evercade Simplifies Retro Gaming and I’m Surprised How Much I Love It.”

“The Evercade looks and feels like a classic portable gaming machine.”

“Like the consoles of yesteryear, you just slap in a cartridge and it works; no fuss, no muss, and no having to experiment with confusing emulator tweaks to try and make a game playable.”

By Andrew Liszewski – Gizmodo


“These games run like they should, which is a huge accomplishment for the price point.”

“Its takes a promising approach: to veer away from both the tinkerer-focused open devices for hobbyists and the first-party dedicated boxes that are limited by platform. It makes some divisive choices! But it makes them clearly, confidently and with a dedication to an intended outcome.”

By Graham Russell – Siliconera

Metal Jesus Rocks (734,000 subscribers)

“It’s a bold and crazy idea, I dig it!”

“The D-Pad is very retro inspired and feels like the Sega Genesis”

– Metal Jesus Rocks

Mad Little Pixel (86,400 subscribers)

“Comfortable in the hands, it has that nice weight and feel about it”

“I am really enjoying it. If they didn’t send me one I would have bought it. ”

– Mad Little Pixel

RGT 85 (271,000 subscribers)

“I really like this system; they did a really good job with it”

“The manuals are absolutely awesome. I love the boxes, it’s very collectible”

– RGT85

The Retro Future (206,000 subscribers)

“It’s a very nice device and a lovely console… Its bloody lovely”

“There’s something very nice and more meaningful about having a limited number of games, you concentrate on them”

– The Retro Future

The Games Shed (24,000 subscribers)

“A really nice d-pad – very, very nice!”

“First impressions – I’m super impressed. The workmanship and thought that’s gone into this is really awesome”

– The Games Shed

ETA Prime (446,000 subscribers)

“Ever since they announced the Evercade I’ve been waiting to get my hands on it!”

“Right off the bat – I love the look of this handheld!”

– ETA Prime

John Hancock (91,000 subscribers)

“This is a solid offering of retro gaming!”

“I am looking forward to seeing what else they provide for this awesome new handled. Thumbs up, awesome experience!”

– John Hancock

Retro Gamer (leading UK magazine)