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FAQ (English)

How to play games on the Evercade:
1. Insert an Evercade game cartridge into the console.
2. Slide the “ON/OFF” switch to “ON” to turn on the game player.
3. Press Left or Right on the D-Pad to move between games and select your preferred game.
4. Press the “A” or “START” Button to enter the selected game.

How do I Pause the Game?
1. During gameplay press the Menu Button to pause the game.
2. Resume the game by pressing the Menu button again.
Note: Some games allow you to Pause the game by pressing “START” or “SELECT”.

How do I exit the game?
1. During gameplay press the Menu Button to bring up the Game Menu.
2. Use the D-Pad to move down the menu to “Quit Game”
3. Press the A button to confirm.

How do I save my gameplay?
1. During gameplay press the Menu Button to bring up the Game Menu.
2. Use the D-Pad to move down the menu to “STATE SLOT”
3. Move the D-Pad to the right and select your preferred game slot number.
4. Move the D-Pad to “SAVE STATE” and press the A button to save the current game progression in the selected slot.
5. You will be returned to the game.

How do I load a previously saved game?
1. During gameplay press the Menu Button to bring up the Game Menu.
2. Use the D-Pad to move down the menu to “STATE SLOT” and select which save state you want to load.
3. Move the D-Pad to the right to “LOAD STATE”. Press the A button to load this saved game. You will immediately re-enter the game at the saved point. If there is no saved game in this slot you will return to the game at the point of pressing the Menu button.

How do I play games on TV?

1. Turn on your TV and plug a HDMI cable into an available input.
2. Select the corresponding HDMI input on your television.
3. Turn on the Evercade console using the “ON/OFF” switch.
4. Connect the Evercade console to a TV with a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable.
5. The console screen will turn off and the TV screen will show gameplay and menus.
Note: Consult your TV manual to help in making adjustments for optimal display. Sometimes TVs do not offer fast image processing responses. “Game mode” is usually recommended if available to improve your experience.

How do I change the Volume and use Earphones?
1. Volume can be adjusted by pressing the +/- buttons.
2. Audio can be turned on/off in the “Main Menu”.
3. To use earphones, plug your 3.5mm earphone jack into the earphone port.

Can you play the console when it is on charge?
1. Yes you can!

How do I charge my console?
1. Insert the supplied Micro USB cable into the Micro USB port.
2. Connect the USB connector into a USB wall charger plug (not supplied).
3. Use only a wall charger with the following specification:
Input Voltage: AC 110-240v
Output Voltage: 5V DC/
Output Current: 500mA
4. Charge the device fully on first use. Avoid running the battery down to 0% and do not charge for more than 12 hours to maximize life of battery.

How charged is my console battery?
1. Battery level is displayed in the top left corner of the menu page.

Troubleshooting (English)

Problem: Your cartridge does not register with the Evercade?
Solution: Restart the console with the ON/OFF button or hold down Start and Menu for 3 seconds.

Problem: No picture on the screen?
Solution: Make sure the console ON/OFF switch is in the ON position. Plug your USB charging cable into the charging port and mains plug. Turn on the console. Charge your console for a minimum of 1 hour and test again.

Problem: Your Evercade is not charging?
Solution: Ensure the cable is plugged in correctly and the wall plug is inserted fully with the socket switched to on.

Problem: HDMI is not working correctly?
Solution: Ensure your console is turned on, BEFORE HDMI is plugged in. If the problem continues, turn off the TV and make sure all connections are securely made and your TV. Check if you have set the correct HDMI input.

Problem: I am having audio issues when using HDMI mode
Solution: View this guide here

Problem: No Sound?
Solution: Use the “+” volume button to increase volume, if this does not work, check in the main menu to see if volume has been turned off.

Problem: The screen has frozen?
Solution: Turn off the console and turn it on again.

Problem: I do not like the button mapping
Solution: You can remap the buttons with an optional FW update here

Troubleshooting/FAQ (Spanish/Italian/German/French/Portugese)

Download the manual here – this includes troubleshooting and FAQ:

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